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When starting with new technology such as the Axon Framework, the logical first step is often to perform a PoC. And for the last 10 years, most of the current Axon Framework users did just that. For the majority of them, it was not only their first acquaintance with the  Axon Framework, but also their first time using new and modern software architecture such as Event Sourcing or CQRS. This makes it very hard to get it “First Time Right” without support from people that have done it before.

For us, it is important that building your PoC is a smooth and pleasant experience which gives you a good understanding of the way our products can help you build better and more flexible applications. During the last 10 years, we have helped many Axon Framework users and we have used that experience to develop a PoC service. 

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The service includes


Although every company is different and every PoC is different, there is a pattern that tends to be the same. Our PoC services normally start with a conference call with you to understand your needs and match that with our training and services. This way we can tailor our support specific to your situation and give you an exact quote for our service. 

The next step is to schedule our onsite consultancy and training. Normally this is 3-5 days and can include:

  • DDD/CQRS/Event Sourcing training;
  • Make a start with the Project Start Architecture;
  • Set-up the environment;
  • Organise an event storming session;
  • Share best practices;
  • Share or make code examples.

After the onsite week, we will support you remotely. This means a designated Axon specialist will work closely on a daily basis with your team. The support is proactive and includes a.o.: 

  • Architecture design;
  • Code reviews;
  • Develop new functionality;
  • Provide best practices.

And of course, your designated Axon specialist will be your liaison with the AxonIQ product development organisation.


  • Fast, smooth and inspiring start with Axon Framework and Event Sourcing
  • Faster and better results by profiting from our experience and best cases
  • Special attention to support issues by a direct liaison into the Axon engineering department
  • Guaranteed timely responses to all the questions developers may have during the PoC 

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