What is Axon Enterprise

Axon Enterprise is targeted towards mission-critical, medium to large scale production deployments of Axon. Features include clustering, advanced monitoring, advanced metrics, advanced security, higher performance storage, higher performance routing, automatic scaling, multi-context support and advanced messaging interoperability. Axon Enterprise and the feature packs are not open source.

Axon Enterprise Packs

Axon Enterprise can be extended with set of new commercial components - the Big Data Pack, the Scale Pack and the Data Security and Compliance Pack. There are a couple of reasons for the feature packs. The first is that they are not necessarily used frequently enough to be added to the regular enterprise offerings and thus would lead to undue complexity. The second and perhaps more important reason is that it allows us to keep pricing as low as possible for the server offerings while allowing an easy (and also affordable) upgrade path to customers who need the features in the feature packs.


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