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Open source framework for event-driven microservices and domain-driven design

Axon, open source Java platform for smoothly evolving Event-driven Microservices focused on DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing, AxonIQ

Axon Framework and Axon Server (Enterprise) for event-driven microservices

Clustered Axon Server for Enterprise Deployment

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Axon, open source Java platform for smoothly evolving Event-driven Microservices focused on DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing, AxonIQ

Axon provides a unified, productive way of developing Java applications that can evolve without significant refactoring from a monolith to Event-Driven microservices. Axon includes both a programming model as well as specialized infrastructure to provide enterprise-ready operational support for the programming model - especially for scaling and distributing mission-critical business applications. The programming model is provided by the popular Axon Framework while Axon Server is the infrastructure part of Axon. Both the Axon Framework and Axon Server are open source. Axon is founded upon the well-established and proven concepts of CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Separation) and Event Sourcing. If you want to scale up, go for Axon Server Enterprise and reach out for details about pricing and possibilities.

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Axon is an open source Java Framework solving common application complexity to enable developers to focus on the business problems. Axon Framework provides the building blocks to build highly scalable and performant systems, while maintaining application consistency in distributed systems. It works very well in combination with Axon Server, but can also be used as a stand-alone.


Axon Server supports purpose-built event storage, routing, manual scaling of tracking processors, event store queries, basic monitoring, basic security and basic messaging interoperability.


Axon Server Enterprise is one of the two editions of Axon Server. It contains all of the features of the free Standard edition. Additionally, it contains features to make it suitable for use in mission-critical, enterprise use cases. And, as a commercial product, it comes with SLA-backed support by AxonIQ.

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When doing event sourcing, we need to store events. These event are (at least conceptually) immutable and undeletable. But these events may contain personal data, and according to the GDPR privacy regulation, data subjects have a right to erasure. The AxonIQ Axon Data Protection module reconciles these seemingly contradictory requirements. It does so by enabling cryptographic erasure: Always store fields containing personal data in encrypted form, using a key that is specific to the data subject. When data about this data subject have to be erased, simply erase that key. Although the Axon Data Protection module originated from the particular challenge related to event sourcing and GDPR, it's being adopted for non-GDPR and non-erasure related use cases.

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