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by Pivotal Team


AxonIQ Launches New Open Source Server

The open, integrated development and operations tool for Microservices and Event Sourcing on the JVM.


AxonIQ launches high-performance event store AxonDB

AxonIQ has released AxonDB, a specialized, high-performance database system to support microservices and other applications that use the event sourcing pattern.


Axon Framework 3.1 Released

with several exciting new features that will work greatly in microservices architectures.


AxonIQ delivers GDPR Module to enable mandatory erasure of data in immutable event-driven systems

AxonIQ, a software platform provider for event-driven microservices systems, today announced the availability of its GDPR Module for data erasure in event-sourced systems.


Dutch startup AxonIQ raises seed funding from Volta Ventures

AxonIQ, an Amsterdam-based provider of a software platform for event-based microservices systems, announced today the raising of a substantial seed investment from Volta Ventures. According to Jeroen Speekenbrink, CEO and co-founder, the company raised the investment to grow its product offering. This includes hiring more developers, broadening marketing efforts, and expanding internationally.


AxonIQ B.V. a new startup company, but why?

We are thrilled to announce that as of July 1st 2017, AxonIQ B.V. is one of the newest members of the thriving Amsterdam tech startup community. We invite you to join our launch at the AxonIQ Conference on 29 September 2017.

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