AxonIQ is hiring several Solutions Engineers in North America to join our globally distributed team. You will work closely with the other Solutions Engineers and the product development teams to help customers build complex, highly scalable, and mission-critical systems with Axon.

We are a fast-growing, leading software company in event sourcing, DDD, and CQRS. Not familiar with these topics? No worries, we will get you up to speed, but if you are, then that is an advantage. As a Solution Engineer, you will help our users and customers to get the most out of Axon. You will also provide feedback to the product development team to ensure the products to be the desired solutions.

Why working at AxonIQ is the right thing for you

  • The desire to learn is the single most important trait in our company.
  • We have colleagues all over the world with different backgrounds, values, and ambitions.
  • Our team’s diversity allows us to see opportunities from different angles, reaching better results than any individual could do alone;
  • We have several Values that capitalize on our differences by process of continuous learning from each other:
    We ask questions like “why” and “how” often.
    We value and promote open communication.
    We experiment with new ideas, measure the results, and improve.
    We value each other for who we are and for what we bring to the table.
    We take initiative, embrace mistakes and learn.
    We are ambitious.
    We are not restricted by managers or budgets; if anyone comes up with a great idea, we do it.
    We do cool stuff, tell the world about it, and have fun doing it!
    We put quality first, always.
  • Because we are a fast-growing company, no month will be the same.
  • Plenty of opportunities for (personal and professional) growth
  • We offer a competitive salary and benefits.
  • You can work from anywhere.

What You will be doing

Goal: Help our North America based customers and prospective customers implement Axon in the best possible way

You will:

  • Consult with customers to help with specific Axon-related challenges
  • Explain Axon concepts and possibilities to prospective customers
  • Build customer-specific components
  • Participate in design workshops (e.g., event modeling and event storming)
  • File issues in the issue tracker for shortcomings that you have identified
  • Contribute by submitting Pull Requests for features on Axon

But if you’re up for it, you will also:

  • Write blogs and articles.
  • Answer Axon-related questions on StackOverflow and AxonIQ’s Discuss portal.
  • Present at conferences, meetups, webinars

What You bring

  • Good communication skills, both written and spoken, in English
  • Experience in developing in Java or other JVM based languages
  • Affinity with Domain-Driven Design. Experience with CQRS and Event Sourcing is an advantage.

How you can apply

Send an email with your motivation to with “Solution Engineer North America” in the email subject line. Include a recent copy of your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

About AxonIQ

Founded in 2017 in The Netherlands, AxonIQ also has people on the ground in the US, France, Mexico, Serbia, Poland, Italy, and Germany. AxonIQ offers an end-to-end development and infrastructure platform for smoothly evolving Event-Driven Architectures focused on CQRS and Event Sourcing. Our platform known as Axon includes a programming model and a specialized infrastructure to provide enterprise-ready operational support for the programming model - especially for scaling and distributing mission-critical business applications. The Axon platform consists of the popular Axon Framework and the built-for-purpose Axon Server. The open-source Axon Framework provides a clean, elegant Java API for writing DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing applications. Axon Server is a zero-configuration message router and event store, available in two editions. Axon Server Standard Edition is a free version, sufficient to get you started and run a small, non-critical application in production. Axon Server Enterprise includes clustering and multi-context support and targets mission-critical, medium to large-scale production deployments.


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