It has a  level of maturity and stability allowing thousands of projects in production, all over the world. The Axon Framework allows developers to focus on creating business value thus saving significant development time.

As projects built using the open-source Axon Framework evolved, the Axon team, in consultation with its customers, noticed that there was a lack of adequate tooling to efficiently monitor and manage large scale systems using the Framework.  “We want to provide a seamless evolution of applications built with Axon Framework, from initial implementation to large scale microservices architecture,” says Allard Buijze, founder and CTO. “The AxonIQ platform allows organisations to focus on the business features and not worry about the technical implications of running at scale.”

At AxonIQ we are currently looking people that can help us build these tools!


  • Work with our team to build tooling for eventsourcing, microservices and CQRS (both open source and commercial)
  • Work in our office in Amsterdam
  • Be involved in expert knowledge sharing by attending conferences and participating in meetups around the world


  • Experience in professional agile Java development with for instance Spring (Boot, MVC, Security, etc)
  • A good sense of quality, knowing when to “just get it done with” and when to focus on improving.
  • Eager to learn new techniques and technologies
  • You are a real team player, using your personal experience and knowhow to reinforce the team. You also know your own limitations and use your team member to compensate for them.
  • Fluent in English


  • Experience with event sourcing, DDD, CQRS and AxonFramework
  • Devops attitude and knowledge of cloud and Docker, CI/CD etc.
  • A drive to talk on or organize sessions around your expertise


  • An inspiring working environment, with a team that is dedicated to change the way people think about building scalable software
  • An environment where learning is highly valued, through working with senior colleagues, external experts, experimentation and attending conferences
  • Lots of room for personal initiative.
  • A decent toolset required to do the job (laptop of choice, good IDE, etc)
  • All-you-can-eat lunch for free  

Interested? Send your resume to



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