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AxonIQ B.V. is an elegant and practical solution that takes the stress out of utilizing an event-driven architecture and offers extensive tooling, professional support and education. You could develop everything yourself, but why would you?

Announcement: EventStore Beta Program

The first release of the AxonIQ EventStore is approaching, and therefore a beta testing program will start shortly.

There are two main purposes of the beta program:

  • It’s to gather feedback from actual users and, based on that feedback, make improvements to initial release or put new features on our roadmap for future releases. In this way, users participating in the beta program influence the future development of the product.
  • Some organizations are eagerly waiting for the EventStore to solve some current business problems. The beta program provides the earliest possible access to the EventStore. Getting to know the EventStore during beta will facilitate rapid implementation after the production release.

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AxonIQ EventStore Datasheet

AxonIQ EventStore is a purpose-built system for storing events for applications using event sourcing.  You can download a datasheet and read about technical details, pricing, security and integrations. 

Click here to download the AxonIQ EventStore Datasheet


Axon Framework Releases

Axon 3.0.5 Released

One of the improvements is for users that have migrated from Axon 2.4, allowing data stored in that version to still be used (as-is) in 3.0. Support for this is available in the ‘axon-legacy’ module.

The Event Store was unable to cope with timestamps that were stored in another timezone than UTC. The parser has been changed, so that times with explicit timezones are properly converted to an Instant.

The GenericJpaRepository was unable to work with aggregate identifiers other than String. In this release, a converter can be specified that converts the String value used in the Repository API to the value to use in the EntityManager API.

The GenericJpaRepository now loads entities using a write lock from the database. This ensures that an aggregate is only active on a single node at a time and prevents deadlocks when multiple threads attempts to upgrade the read lock to a write lock.

For a detailed overview of changes, check the release notes.


Axon 3.0.4 Released

Axon 3.0.4 has been released. It is a quick follow up on the 3.0.3 release and fixes some issues related to the distributed command bus in combination with Spring.

Due a timing issue in the configuration of several components, it was possible that certain Command Handlers were registered with the wrong Command Bus instance (the local segment instead of the distributed command bus). 3.0.4 addresses those issues.

Furthermore, 3.0.4 provides methods on the Configuration interface that provide access to the different submodules and Event Processors.

For full details of this release, check the release notes.


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