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You could develop everything yourself, but why would you?

AxonIQ B.V. is based in Amsterdam and was founded in 2017 by a team of super techies to focus almost exclusively on development and support for AxonIQ. AxonIQ is a Microservices communication platform for building event-driven, distributed and highly dynamic applications. 

In addition to product development, AxonIQ B.V. offers specialized technical support for Axon Framework customers.
AxonIQ is a cloud-native platform enabling complexity, continuity, security and business agility and offers tooling for developers of distributed systems:

  • Advanced, high performance EventStore
  • Message routing
  • Health-check
  • Analytics and Audit trail

Developing AxonIQ is the natural next step for the team behind the Axon Framework – a small team who found themselves repeatedly solving the same problems in many different projects. As projects built using the open-source Axon Framework matured, the team noticed a lack of adequate tooling to deal with the high volume of messages in large event-driven systems.

AxonIQ is an elegant and practical solution that takes the stress out utilizing an event-driven architecture and offers extensive tooling, professional support and education. 

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Announcement: EventStore Beta Program

The first release of the AxonIQ EventStore is approaching, and therefore a beta testing program will start shortly.

There are two main purposes of the beta program:

  • It’s to gather feedback from actual users and, based on that feedback, make improvements to initial release or put new features on our roadmap for future releases. In this way, users participating in the beta program influence the future development of the product.
  • Some organizations are eagerly waiting for the EventStore to solve some current business problems. The beta program provides the earliest possible access to the EventStore. Getting to know the EventStore during beta will facilitate rapid implementation after the production release.

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