WEBINAR: GDPR – A practical guide for developers and architects

Presenting the technical aspects of the new data protection regulation (GDPR) relevant for developers.

Feb 1, 2018 4:00 PM


Time is running out for becoming GDPR compliant: on 25 May 2018, this new EU privacy law (also known in the Netherlands as “AVG”) will become fully enforceable, affecting all organizations that process data of EU citizens. There is a flood of information about GDPR, but information about what it specifically means for software development is harder to find. During this presentation, we’ll shed some light on that topic.

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"GDPR - a practical guide for developers" by Bozhidar Bozhanov
What are the aspects of the new data protection regulation (GDPR) that are relevant for developers. How to implement the newly required features and what best practices should be followed in regard to data processing.

"Event sourcing & GDPR: right to erasure" by Frans van Buul
The event sourcing pattern has become ever more popular in recent years. Some enabling frameworks in the Java world are Axon Framework, Lagom and Eventuate. The pattern is also popular in .NET, PHP and Ruby. In this talk we’ll briefly define this pattern, and then go on to examine the relation between event sourcing and GDPR. One specific challenge is to reconcile the immutability of past events with GDPR’s right-to-erasure. We’ll discuss various approaches, including the cryptographic erasure approach implemented in the AxonIQ GDPR Module.

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