Evolutionary Microservices with Axon

An Evening with... Sara Pellegrini

Managing software complexity properly is a major challenge in many systems. Domain-Driven Design has become a valuable design and architectural tool, particularly useful in all areas where agility and scalability can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage.
By wisely applying the concepts provided by DDD and related patterns like CQRS and Event Sourcing, we can implement a “friendly monolith”, which is structured in such a way that it can be easily separated into microservices when the timing is right.

Join Sara in this meetup as she introduces an evolutionary approach to creating microservices with the support of Axon.
A live coding demo will deepen the concepts related to CQRS/ES, and this will allow you to discover the benefits derived from this approach and to see Axon in action.

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Sara Pellegrini

Software Engineer, AxonIQ

A enthusiastic and proactive IT professional who specializes in analysis, design and development of web applications.

Experienced in agile software development methods (Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner). Able to see things from a different perspective, with an all-around approach to software development, from coding skills, to high level architectural view.

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Milan, IT