JEE Conference 2019

Demystifying Event Processing in Axon Framework

Presentation by Milan Savic

In Axon applications, Event Handlers define the business logic to be performed when an Event is received. Event Processors are the components that take care of the technical aspects of that processing. They come in roughly two forms: Subscribing and Tracking. The Subscribing Event Processors subscribe themselves to a source of Events and are invoked by the thread managed by the publishing mechanism. Tracking Event Processors, on the other hand, pull their messages from a source using a thread that manages itself.

In this talk, we’ll see different ways to use and configure Event Processors for processing events in the same transaction, in parallel, or in distributed mode.


Milan Savic, Software engineer at AxonIQ

Milan Savić

Software engineer, AxonIQ

Milan Savić is Software Engineer at AxonIQ. Milan has experience with various software projects ranging from chemical analyzers to contactless mobile payment systems. In some of those projects, CQRS and Event Sourcing came as a natural solution, but things had to be built from scratch almost every time.

Finding out about Axon Framework got him interested in being a part of the solution. In March 2018 he joined AxonIQ team on a mission to build tools which will help others in building event-driven, reactive systems.

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Kyiv, Ukraine