Implementing Event-Driven Systems using DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing - waiting list

Learn about key microservices concepts and DDD in one of our 8 day Axon Training sessions

Duration: 8x2 hours spread over a two week period (Tuesdays till Fridays)

Dates and Time: TBD
We changed the registration process for this training to make sure we can customize it more, regarding the ideal time(zone) and the number of people applying for this training. Please sign up via this form/link and our colleague Marina will reach out to you to discuss the best dates and times with you.

Learn from developers and software architects in this personalized, instructor-led training for a maximum of 30 participants per training.

The course will be very hands-on, a combination of theory and labs.

The course covers:

  • DDD and CQRS concepts
  • Big Picture Event Storming
  • Designing aggregates, including the complex aggregate structure
  • Building Sagas
  • Event Handlers and (Eventual) Consistency
  • Scaling out - distributed components
  • Designing Events for distributed environments
  • Monitoring and message tracing
  • Replaying Events


  • Good understanding of the Java language
  • Developers are expected to bring their own laptops with the IDE of their choice.

Costs: €250,- or equivalent in other currencies, excl. VAT


Let us know via and we will get back to you asap.


Yvonne Ceelie

Senior Software Developer AxonIQ

A backend developer with more than 2 decades of experience and passionate about Java and the Spring Framework. Since 2017 my main focus is helping customers of AxonIQ to use and implement the Axon Framework as a consultant. I like to solve complex puzzles as easy as possible.

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Christian Vermorken

Software engineer AxonIQ

Christian Vermorken in a seasoned software engineer, having worked primarily as a consultant in his career, he has seen various complex domains and helped businesses tackle the complexity both in their domain as well as in their organisations.

In 2016 he came into contact with the Axon Framework and was quickly convinced by the power of concepts such as DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing. Through the framework, these tools allow a deeper focus on the why and how of software development, something he has always been passionate about, allowing a business to spend their time and energy on the right things.

In early 2018 he joined the team at AxonIQ in order to advise their clients how to implement the Axon Framework in the best possible way.

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