"We're pretty sure that once you've done event sourcing/CQRS with Axon you'll never look back."  
-- Fourscouts, 2018

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09:00 - 09:45
EventStorming with Alberto Brandolini

The Gordian knot → Hatching Software Development Ecosystems

Alberto Brandolini, Avanscoperta

Some companies are going “full DevOps” and apparently releasing at the speed of light. Other companies are still struggling with estimations and slowly thinking about going Microservices. Other are happy with their monolith, but struggling with recruiting.

We’re all developers, but we’re not doing the same job. The line connecting a problem to its solution is relatively straight in some organizations and incredibly convoluted in others.

Processes, Software architectures and Organization are not separate concerns, neither are orthogonal. Pretending to fix one thing without touching others is a losing battle.

We’re part of the problem. Our software is part of the problem. We can be part of the solution too.

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09:50 - 10:50
Allard Buijze - AxonIQ

Microservices, the sense, the non-sense and a way forward (with Axon)

Allard Buijze, AxonIQ

Microservices are at the very peak of the hypecycle and, according to some, on their way down. Meanwhile, a large number of success stories and failures have been shared about this architectural style.

In this talk, I want to zoom in on different aspects around microservices. What are the promises made and how did it deliver on those? How did technology surrounding microservices evolve and impact our decisions?

Lastly, I will look forward. How can we be pragmatic about microservices, avoiding some of the common pitfalls and helping ensure ourselves that we get the promised benefits, but without the pain.

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11:25 - 11:55

The Events in Land Administration

Marc van Andel , Kadaster

Kadaster is a government department responsible for the Core Registration of Land Administration. This is automated in the ’70 and ’80 and was still the same Mainframe system in 2018. It was time, more than time to replace this with a fresh and flexible new system. To do so we took an Agile approach in the project execution and we applied Event Sourcing in the core of the system.

 Why? How?

In this session I hope to enlighten you about the Kadaster business, the reason to apply Event Sourcing in the core of our primary system. Being a government department and being surrounded with a culture of budgets and control this wasn't a straight forward choice and an easy road to travel ... or is having a audit trail just the thing that answers many questions to this culture?

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Axon Server in the Promontech stack

Michael Kazarian, Promontech

Details will be published soon

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Day 2 problems in CQRS and Event Sourcing

Joris Kuipers, Trifork

You've seen the talks, read the blogs and even built the proof-of-concept, and now you know: your next system will be using CQRS and event-sourcing! And you're probably right: these patterns provide several unique advantages, and when you're using Axon you'll be benefiting from years of experience from the people pioneering this approach on the JVM. 

Unfortunately, no framework can shield you from having to deal with the "Day 2 problems" that will arise once your system is running in production and you're busy evolving it. In this talk, Joris will address some of these issues, such as deploying updates (need for custom migration tools, problems with blue-green deploys and rolling back updates), evolving aggregates with many events, sharing events that used to be private between services when breaking up your applications, and other things you don't typically hear about from the enthusiasts who only just started to work with this approach. But fear not: apart from raising issues, Joris will share approaches to deal with them as well, leaving you prepared to evolve your application so it can live happily ever after in production!

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12:00 - 12:30

Trading system at Royal Flora Holland

Details will be published soon

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Flemish Child Benefit System Implementation: Lessons Learned.

Robin Custers, Kind & Gezin

From the 1st of January this year, Flemish Government took over the important responsibility for paying Child Benefit in the region. The road to implementing the new system has been bumpy but successful and now 1.6 million children are benefiting through the system we have delivered. This presentation will help identify and guide you around the pitfalls we discovered during this project.

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Building Axon-powered Microservices in Scala at the Dutch Police

13:30 - 15:30
Russ Miles - chaos.io - speaker at the AxonIQ Conference

Reliable Event-Driven Systems through Chaos Engineering by Russ Miles

Russ Miles, ChaosIQ

In this hands-on workshop, Russ Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ, will take you on a tour where you explore several cases of surfacing and diagnosing common event-driven system weaknesses using chaos engineering. You’ll then see how different patterns can be applied, with various trade-offs, to overcome those weaknesses.

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Alberto Brandolini - Event Storming

Introducing EventStorming

Alberto Brandolini, Avanscoperta

At first look, EventStorming is deceptively simple: just have a long paper roll available, and a virtually unlimited stock of colored sticky notes and start modelling problems that looked too big to be modeled. But the ability to visually mastering large scale complexity opens the way to many interesting outcomes.

Better business processes: once you see the process, impediments and correlations are vividly displayed. You can't avoid tackling them.

Better software architectures: see the areas where stakeholders needs are in conflict, resolve conflicts by leveraging bounded contexts.

Better learning: exploration of complex domain is now question-driven and with a visible collective sketch. Your team will never be so wise.

Better interactions: trigger the right conversation between the right people.

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Hands-on Event-Driven Microservices with Axon

Allard Buijze, AxonIQ

"The only true measurement of progress is software in production." So let's get our models to production! In this workshop, we're going to learn quickly all basic and advanced features of the Axon Framework and Axon Server.

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Machine Learning by Ewan Henry - Trifork

Discovering the hidden value in Event Stores with time-series analysis

Ewan Henry, Trifork

In this hands-on workshop you will learn to think of Event-Streams as time-series and discover first-hand how this shift in mindset opens up possibilities for all kinds of data analysis. We will take a ground-up approach, starting with the fundamentals of time-series and their typical defining characteristics. Later, we will explore cutting edge time-series analysis techniques selected for their versatility and simplicity. With the exception of some introductory slides, the learning will be hands-on with an emphasis on developing understanding through working with real data and example code. Please bring your laptop with Docker installed.
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