Axon GDPR Data Protection module 4.1

In event sourcing, the list of past events is (at least conceptually) immutable. This also implies that data cannot be deleted from it. The Axon Data Protection Module uses cryptography on protected data, without altering the data itself, allowing Event Streams to remain intact.

AxonIQ has originally created a GDPR Module which uses cryptographic erasure to reconcile event sourcing with article 17’s right to erasure. With Axon 4.1 release we announced that we’ve changed the name of GDPR Module to Axon Data Protection 4.1

Why the change? The simple reason is that more than 50% of our customers use the module for reasons other than GDPR. The name change is part of a product transformation aiming to simplify things and is aligned with 4.1 release.

In this webinar, you will hear about the concepts of encryption and the features of the Axon Data Protection Module 4.1.

Yvonne Ceelie will explain about:

  • Concepts and design goals of the Axon Data Protection Module
  • Encryption algorithm
  • Important features in the latest version 4.1, including the HashiCorp Vault integration
  • Practical use of the Axon Data Protection Module to meet the GDPR requirements


Yvonne Ceelie

Senior Software Developer AxonIQ

A backend developer with more than 2 decades of experience and passionate about Java and the Spring Framework. Since 2017 my main focus is helping customers of AxonIQ to use and implement the Axon Framework as a consultant. I like to solve complex puzzles as easy as possible.

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