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Allard Buijze introduced: "A pragmatic approach to event-driven microservices"

Most discussions about the implementation of a new system or component (especially when considering a microservices-based architecture) start by evaluating the various technical options and their challenges. However, the real business value isn’t in these technical choices but in the functionality they provide.

Frans van Buul presented: "Microservice message routing on Kubernetes"

Kubernetes is a popular platform to manage large sets of containers running microservices. It does offer some mechanisms to make these microservices find each other, such as DNS service registration and load balancing. This will work to get HTTP calls from one component to correctly sent to another one. However, real-life integration needs in microservices systems go way beyond that. They will exchange messages of different kinds (commands, events, queries), with distinct routing requirements for each.

Axon Framework is a popular choice for building Java applications which makes the notion of command, event and query messages explicit. In can be used to create a structured monolith, which can later be quickly split into microservices by distributing the exchange of these messages. There are various ways of accomplishing this distribution. AxonHub is a new technology which makes this easier than ever before.

In this presentation, we'll show how AxonHub can be used in conjunction with Kubernetes to efficiently operate large-scale Axon Framework based microservices systems.


Allard Buijze

CTO and founder, AxonIQ

Allard Buijze is the founder and chief technology officer at AxonIQ, a microservices communication platform for building event-driven, distributed applications, where he helps customers reach appropriate future-proof technical decisions.

A former software architect within the fields of scalability and performance, he has worked on several projects where performance is often a recurring theme. Allard is convinced that a good domain model is the beginning of contributing to the overall performance of an application and developed the Axon Framework out of this conviction.

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