Advanced features of the Axon Framework

In this course you will learn more about the advanced features of the Axon Framework. It covers several strategies to scale out, as well as important aspects to deal with when operating applications in production.

In this training you will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of how to apply Event sourcing and Domain Driven Design
  • Learning how to set up projects with the Axon Framework for developing complex, scalable and future-proof applications.
  • Experience how to evolve applications built on Axon Framework to get the most out of available data


  • Refactoring and evolving your application: evolving Commands and Events, Upcasting, changes in Aggregate boundaries
  • Building Microservices with Axon: distributed systems, distributed command and event handling, designing events for distribution
  • Replaying the Event Store
  • Integration and deployment in production
  • Monitoring, measuring throughput and latency, message tracing
  • Advanced configuration and tuning: message interceptors, serialization, unit of work


  • Understanding of the Axon Framework is required
  • A good understanding of the Java language is required
  • Enterprise application development experience is recommended
  • Developers are expected to bring their own laptop with the IDE of their choice.

If you have any question about this training, contact us.


Steven van Beelen

Lead developer Axon Framework, AxonIQ

Steven van Beelen is a Lead developer at AxonIQ with a keen interest in new and exciting technologies and methodologies.

The last couple of years this interest has chiefly been fulfilled by the Axon Framework and how it approaches software architecture. This eventually led him to become a part of the AxonIQ team. There, he currently helps small and large clients build Axon applications, gives training in it, develops the framework and is overall active in the Axon community. Always keen to learn and improve himself in the software space, he reads up on more abstract concepts like domain driven design, messaging patterns and event sourcing. He also keeps himself up to date with more concrete topics like new frameworks and languages to improve his skill as a developer.

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Vliegend Hertlaan 43, Utrecht

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