Nakul Mishra, Senior Software engineer and consultant around JVM and related technologies at Casumo will introduce:

CQRS and EventSourcing with Spring & Axon

There's a ton of theory available on DDD, event sourcing and CQRS but how does one get's started in terms of code? Moreover, when we have a tight deadline, one wants to solely focus on solving core business problems rather than getting caught up by plumbing non-functional concerns such as snapshotting, command handling, guaranteed events delivery to the right event listeners, events replaying, persisting aggregate, etc. In this talk, we will build an application to see how Axon Framework supports CQRS and Event sourcing by providing a robust implementation for fundamental building blocks such as event dispatching mechanism, aggregates, repositories, event sourcing, Domain Events, build scalable, extensible and maintainable applications. Furthermore, Axon provides extensive support for Spring which means much of the configuration can be avoided by leveraging Spring's annotation support.



Krakow, Poland


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