AxonDB 1.2

In this webinar we will introduce AxonDB, a high-performance event store optimized for event sourcing. Also we will explain in depth the new features implemented in AxonDB.

AxonDB si a high-performance event store optimized for event sourcing. When building applications with Axon Framework, AxonDB provides a drop-in replacement for relational database technology, with significant benefits.

Listen to this webinar and understand:
- What requirements event sourcing imposes on the databasetechnology being used.
- Where relational databases and some common NoSQL options (Mongo, Kafka, Cassandra) fail to meet those requirements.
- How AxonDB works and how it implements those requirements.
- How to get started with AxonDB yourself.
- Why to migrate to the newest version.


Frans van Buul, Evangelist at AxonIQ

Frans van Buul


Frans is an evangelist at AxonIQ. He works with existing and prospective Axon Framework users, specifically looking at how AxonIQ's products and services can help them be successful.

Also, he tells the world about Axon by speaking at conferences, running webinars, writing blogs, etc. Before joining AxonIQ, Frans was a presales architect representing Fortify, the world's leading application security testing portfolio, having worked as both a Java architect and security consultant before that.

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