Axon Framework 3.2

In this webinar we have explained the features, such as:

- Replay API to trigger replays
- Improved API to monitor status of Tracking Event Processors
- Improvements in Query API, especially when querying for collections
- Spring Boot AutoConfiguration for Dropwizard Metrics
- Serializers configurable through Spring Boot's

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Allard Buijze

CTO and founder AxonIQ

Allard Buijze is the founder and chief technology officer at AxonIQ, a microservices communication platform for building event-driven, distributed applications, where he helps customers reach appropriate future-proof technical decisions.

A former software architect within the fields of scalability and performance, he has worked on several projects where performance is often a recurring theme. Allard is convinced that a good domain model is the beginning of contributing to the overall performance of an application and developed the Axon Framework out of this conviction.

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