Axon Quick Start

Version 4.0

The default distribution includes the full set of free features and contents:

  • Axon Framework binaries
  • Axon Server
  • Sample application with sources
  • Getting Started Guide

Axon Server on Docker Hub

Run the following command to start AxonServer in a Docker container:

docker run -d --name axonserver -p 8024:8024 -p 8124:8124 axoniq/axonserver

Alternatively, visit Docker Hub using the link below to find information on running and configuring AxonServer in a Docker container.

Axon Server Download as ZIP File

You can also download a ZIP file with AxonServer as a standalone JAR. This will also give you the AxonServer CLI and information on how to run and configure the server.

Axon Framework Maven Coordinates

For Spring Boot:


For plain Java:


For all available coordinates and versions, visit:

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